Sembilan Island

Sembilan Island

Sembilan Island is located 10 nautical miles off Pangkor Island. Within the vicinity of Sembilan Island, comprising an archipelago of nine small islands; Agas Island, Payong Island, Nipis Island, Rumbia Island, Lalang Island, Saga Island, Buluh Island, Black Rock and White Rock.

Detailed information

Sembilan Island is well-known among anglers for its abundance of marine life especially anchovies. Besides, right in between Rumbia Island and Lalang Island, is the best location for diving and snorkelling because the 15 metre-depth area is full of corals. The coral is a major source for thousands of marine species, especially snappers and Baracus fish.

The east side of Buluh Island is filled with pebbles, where these stones on the other hand are covered with colourful hard corals.
It takes close to an hour and a half to reach Sembilan Island by boat towards the southwest of Pangkor Island. The attraction of this island lies not only in fishing activity but even more interesting is the natural panoramic beauty.

Facilities and incentives by Manjung Municipal Council

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