Bukit Engku Busu



Located behind Manjung District Police Station in Lumut Town.
Approximately 5 minutes from Lumut bus station
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  • This 331.4 metre-high (1087 feet) hill is named after Raja Engku Busu from Selangor who was invited by Sultan Perak in the 1840's to wipe out the pirates who liked to hide in Dindings Strait and River. These pirates roamed the coasts from Johore to Kedah and raided the Dutch, British and Achehnese ships. However, Raja Engku Busu was killed and failed in the mission.
  • This hill is suitable for jungle-trekking activities, and Manjung Municipal Council has built a track for the visitors to go up to the summit. Once there, the visitors can enjoy the view of Lumut town.

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