Get To Know  Manjung

Historically, the Dinding District/Territory is a district under the ruling of the Straits Settlements. The signing ceremony of the treaty returning the Dinding District to the Perak State Government was held on 16 February 1935 in front of Lumut Rest House. In conjunction with the occasion, the name Dinding District was changed to Iskandar District and Tanah Merah (Lumut) was changed to Port Iskandar. The Sultan of Perak at the time appointed Raja Shahriman bin Raja Abdul Hamid as “Orang Besar Jajahan”. In order to commemorate the event, the Masjid Al-Adli was built (in Lumut Town) to reflect the feelings of gratitude on the return of the Dinding District to the Perak State Government. Until the year 1980’s, the district was still known as Dinding District. On 1st January 1982, Dinding district was changed to Manjung District which comprises of an administration unit including Beruas and Sitiawan.