Amendment  Deed of Parit & Building Road 1976

On 15 February 2007 gazetted against amendment upward Deed of Parit and Building Road 1976(Act133) has been made and date of use amendment that is against state at Semenanjung Malaysia is subject to the notification via news.
In general the amendment to Act 133 is to affect the certificate of fitness for occupation process by local authorities against the constructed buildings or renovated buildings with introducing the certificate of completion and compliance process in places of certificate of fitness for occupation and responsibilities on professional bodies such as architects and engineers.
In addition from the amendments are made to the fines imposed on offenses committed under Act 133. The offense of build the buildings without approval can be fined up to RM50,000.00 as compared to RM1,000.00 previously and can also be imprisonment not more than 3 years. As well as the offense of making amendments, additions or renovation of buildings that can be fined up to RM25,000.00 as compared to RM1,000.00 previously.
The amendments also involved the Uniform Building By-Law 1984 which in provision with Certificate of Fitness for Occupation changed to Certificate of Completion and Compliance will also require the architects or engineers to notify the issuance of Certificate of Completion and Compliance to local authorities. Therefore, the local authorities still have the power to monitor and may instruct the architects or engineers to implement any requirement based on the approvals granted.