Section 7 :   Refused to giving the information such as name, address or giving the fake information

Section 8 :   Do not comply the commands for reducing the disease-bearing insects 

Section 9 :    Refused to giving the cooperation

Section 10:   Refused to conduct the medical inspection and treatment or refused to giving the permission for post-mortem

Section 11:   Unacceptable for work that may cause the breeding or giving the protection for disease-bearing insects. 

Section 12:    Report for cleanning the undergrowth and others (Under Certain Circumstances,etc).

Section 13:   Report for an action cause the situations that may breeding or giving protection to the disease-bearing insects.

Section 14:    Report for disease-bearing insects and others without the permission. 

Section 20:    Damages the work that carried out by the Director General or Health Officer. 

Section 21:    Penalty for preventing the Examiner Officer to carry out the provisions of this Act.


Notice Required For Nuisance Eliminated


  1. If the house owner of empty lot/premises does not comply with the notice will be fined not exceeding 1,000.00 (One Thousand Ringgit) or  imprisonment not exceeding 6 months or fine and imprisonment. Section (5) section 82 Local Government Act 1976.