Vector Control Unit


Vector Control Unit of Manjung Municipal Council was established on July 2003 and start operated on 3 October 2003. The Vector Control Unit is under the Public Health Unit, Department of Health and City Services and headed by the Administrative Officer, Pn Noorhayati bt Abdul Rahim. This unit has cooperation with the Manjung District Health Office (Vector Control Unit) in prevention and regulation the dengue fever diseases. The purposes of this unit is to control, avoid and improve the prevention activities and dengue fever diseases control in PBT area.



  • To ensure the efficient , friendly, and quality of services to every customers. 
  • Always strive to make the area of Manjung Municipal Council Progressive, Clean and Beautiful. 



To make the area of Manjung Municipal Council as a clean, beautiful and dynamic area through the providing of efficient, friendly and quality services and also ensure that the implementation is fair and equitable for all.



To control the case of notification, investigation, prevention and regulation for all the contagious diseases. 



  • To conduct the inspection of accepted complaint cases such as case of mosquitoes, flies and dangerous insect attacks.
  • To review the area of complaints, researching, looking for the cause and taking action. 
  • To ensure the safety and cleanliness of area Council is controlled and safety.



  • Abeting
    • To placing the poisons into the water reservoir which identified as containing the larva.


    • Divided into 3 sections:
      1. Abeting in the premises
      2. Abeting in the drain
      3. Abeting in the septic tank
  • Miss Blower
    • Spraying the insecticide (liquid) to the place of garbage dump.
    • Where the containers are potential to become the mosquito breeding containers.
  •  Fogging
    • The fogging of mosquito killer poison to the place was identified by the breeding up to the distance of 200 meters from the breeding site. The fogging time is carried out on 5.30 pm – 8.30 pm.
  • ULV ( Ultra Low Volume)
    • A kind of fogging is carried out in between 5.30 pm until 8.30 pm
  • Notices for Nuisance
    • aims to the empty lot of owners or empty premises to cleaning their area that cause the nuisance such as mosquitoes, flies, snakes or insects to cause the dangerous diseases.