National Urbanization Policy

.National Urbanization Policy

National Urban Policy is a policy to guide and coordinate the planning and urban development to be more efficient and systematic in particular to manage the increasing number of urban residents in 2020 with emphasis on the balance between the social, economic and physical development in the city.

National Urban Policy will be the main thrust in all urban planning and development activities in Peninsular Malaysia including the preparation of development plans at the state and local levels. This policy outlines the core, policies, measures and action plans to coordinate and manage the implementation of the municipality.

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Second National Urbanization Policy

The Second National Urbanization Policy (NUP2), 2016-2025 is prepared to continue the actions which have not been implemented fully in NUP 2006. NUP2 has incorporated the following:

  • Latest policies of the Federal and State Governments;
  • Current urban issues;
  • National Vision;
  • The 11th Malaysia Plan; and
  • International policies and strategies such as the Eco2 Cities, COP15 Copenhagen, The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), The Global Competitiveness Report, New Urban Agenda (NUA) and other related reports.

DPN2 summarizes the implementation objectives and strategies that take into consideration of changes that have occurred and are expected to take place over the 2016-2025 period. It will also detail the actions that must be undertaken by local authorities, government agencies and the private sector as well as relevant NGOs. NUP2 have been expanded to include the Federal Territory of Labuan and State of Sabah.

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