Licensing Division

  1. Process and consider all new business and billboard applications in accordance with relevant laws.
  2. Processing applications for temporary business permits, temporary hawkers, festive permits, table permits outside the premises and so on.
  3. Processing application for renewal of lessen.
  4. Processing application for redemption.
  5. Processing applications for temporary advertising reductions.
  6. Ensure that all businesses in the council area comply with the requirements of the licensing set.

City Services Division

  1. Plan and implement domestic garbage collection services in compliance with customer charter and set conditions.
  2. Implement cleaning of public places such as public markets, stations and bus stops, main roads as defined customer charter.
  3. Monitoring and acting area cleaning work carried out by appointed contractors meets the requirements and specifications set.
  4. Monitor public toilet planners to maintain public toilets well and clean.
  5. Conduct investigation and take action on acceptable urban-related complaints.

Zone Administration Division

  1. To plan and manage purchases and repairs of work equipment, machinery and vehicles.
  2. Supervise and manage certificates of contract payment / purchase of equipment and maintenance of vehicles.
  3. Supervise and arrange for quotation and tender documents.
  4. Manage and record budgets as well as book voting titles.
  5. Monitor and update reports of public complaints to the affected zone.
  6. Managing the payment of Council water bills and bailing of Council's deferred bills.
  7. Design and coordinate members' training and training.
  8. Manage and update members' leave breaks / sick leave records.
  9. Manage all departmental demands such as overtime allowances, alternate driver allowances, travel allowances and so on.
  10. Prepare and coordinate member disciplinary reports to be brought to Council Disciplinary Board.

Public Health Division

  1. Plan and manage vector control activities in collaboration with the Manjung Health Office.
  2. Planning and managing maintenance of landfill sites.
  3. Planning and implementing Recycling Pragm and Hygiene and related campaigns.


Charter Customer


Process and decide on applications for business licenses

 i.      RISK LICENSE : consideration YDP / SU                                - 10 Days

       (Consult a list of risky licenses)

 ii.   LICENSE IS NOT RISK: Departmental Consideration                     - Instant

       (Consult a list of non-risk licenses)

iii.    LICENSE DISPLAY ADVERTISMENT ONLY: Departmental Consideration      - Instant


Provided that it complies with the requirements set by the Manjung Town Council and the processing time of the license is on weekdays.



Implement domestic garbage collection services according to standards a predetermined

  1. City area/ business                Every Day
  2. Residential area (Residential)          3 times a week

Area cleaning work by contractors appointed by the Council in accordance with predefined area.

a)Management Garbage (MPM)

Garbage collection domestic residential area -  3 times a week

Garbage collection domestic business area - every day

b) Drain Cleaning (Contractor)

Drain cleaning residential area - 1 times a month

Drain cleaning town area/business - intervals a day

c)Lawn mowing (Contractor)

Lawn mowing of a residential park area - 1 times a month

Bulk garbage collection (residential area)- 1 times a month 

Lawn mowing  field area/stranded land - 2 time a month


Monitoring of cleaning services is done by Assistant Environmental Health Officer by zone



Take action on complaint within 10 working days.

-Recognize payment to the supplier / contractor to be sent to the Treasury Department within 2 days after the claim is received.

- Recognize disciplinary cases for the Department of Management's action within 14 days of receipt of the report.


Tel umum: 056898914/15

Fax  umum: 056882102

Address : Jabatan Kesihatan Awam & Perkhidmatan Perbandaran, Majlis Perbandaran Manjung, Jalan Pinang Raja, 32040 Seri Manjung

Emel umum:

Officer : Noorhayati Bt Abd Rahim