Department Of Engineering and Maintenance

  1. Provide neat development plan and orderly development plans for people to enjoy in vision goals.
  2. To control the growth of the Council's development so as to benefit the community and visitors.
  3. Plan area development for public utilities.
  4. Motive change and development in Council area effectively to residents.
  5. Responsible for planning and implementing various Council projects in accordance with the programs and provisions provided subsequently assist the development of the Manjung Municipal Council area.
  6. Implementing the project either maintenance, infrastructure, socio-economic development and so  aimed at providing and expanding leisure facilities and economic opportunities to residents.
  7. By implementing the project directly and indirect to increase the income of the Council / Government through charges and taxes.
  8. Responsible for performing maintenance work as well providing public facilities such as providing public markets, parking lots, bus waiting booths and street lights.
  9. Responsible supervise / control the traffic system in city area..
Charter Customer
  1. Provide Public Complaint Feedback Within Ten (10) Days.
  2. Process  Quotation 60 Day ( Offer to Contractor Subject to Committee's Decision )
  3. Process Tender:
  • Council, State And Federal Provisions - 18 Weeks
  • (Offer to Contractor Subject to the Tender Board Committee's Decision / Federal Procurement Board)
  1. Road Management Procedure Management Application Procedure During Period Fourteen (14) Days.
  2. Process Demand Contractor Payment / Wholesaler to Treasury Department Two (2) Days.
  3. Contractor Registration Completed In Time seven ( 7 ) Day From Condition After Submitting Complete Documents And Clarifying Registration Money.
  4. Application of Public Lighting In Process During Period Fourteen (14) Days Either An Approved or Rejected Application.


Tel umum: 056898933/34
Fax umum: 056882102
Address : Jabatan Kejuruteraan & Penyelenggaraan, Majlis Perbandaran Manjung, Jalan Pinang Raja, 32040 Seri Manjung
Emel umum: kejuruteraan
Officer : Shaharuddin Bin Abdullah