2.1 Create data in-put land use information (GIS) Department

3.1 Plan skim development housing, business and industry

3.2 Plan Free Standing

3.3 Plan business buildings, individual residences

3.4 Additional buildings>

4.1 Plan layout

4.2 Plan Size Measures

8.1 Temporary Building

8.2 Tentation in the business area

8.3 Application to place a table in the business area

8.4 Private parking license

  1. Advisor to the management of the Council on matters involving city planning
  2. Controlling system development GIS Department
  3. Grant Design Permission approval regarding application
  4. Grant approval of planning permission regarding application
  5. Gives approval of address determination request
  6. To approve landscape plan application
  7. Make a land review on application

    7.1 Change land requirements

    7.2 Plan broken borders

    7.3 Broken parts and land consolidation

    7.4 Government land

  8. Make a planning review on the design of the application