The management of Manjung Municipal Council (MPM) humbly thanks the Ministry of Housing and Local Government for the recognition as the Best Local Authority for 2020. Manjung Municipal Council would like to express our appreciation towards Perak State Government for the support given in helping MPM provide the best for the public and received five-star recognition at the Local Authority Service Star Award (PBT) on 5th of November.

This award is the result of the commitment of all parties involved, especially MPM staff, which strived and exerted ideas to ensure that MPM provides the best services for the community in Manjung district. The highest appreciation and congratulations also to the entire community of Manjung municipal area who have been supportive over the years.

The evaluation and scoring given by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government have placed MPM as the best local authority in Malaysia with the highest score of 98.73%. This accomplishment will serve as encouragement for MPM to continue to provide the best service to almost 257,000 Manjung residents.

Although this effort proved to be challenging, MPM will continue this momentum as well as improving the services provided with full commitment from the MPM workforce. While the nation is still confronting the Covid-19 pandemic, let's join hands together by abiding the SOP and fight this pandemic as one. May the situation in this nation recover, and we can continue to develop vigorously in Manjung for prosperity.