1. Provide a Valuation List of all properties located within the Council area for General Assessment Tax purposes.
  2. Provide a Valuation List of all buildings owned by the Federal Government, RMN, State and Statutory Bodies located within the Council's area for the purpose of Contribution to Rate Assistance.
  3. Carry out the Valuation List for all new and additional holds including empty lots in the Council area.
  4. Issue of amended notices informs the enforcement of the assessment tax to the Holder Owner.
  5. Manage and handle cases of protest to be heard in the Hearing Hearing Meeting.
  6. Managing withdrawal of Assessment Tax bills for first and second term.
  7. Providing Percentage Rate Percentage tax every year for all rated areas and extending to State Authorities (PBN) for approval.
  8. Prepare, inspect and confirm reports of a collapsed, burned or uninhabited house to be revoked from the Valuation List and in the case of empty houses to be given an assessment tax rebate or remission.
  9. Update the change of the Assessment and Transfer Tax bill of exchange address to the proportionate holder's name.
  10. Enforce legal action for assessment tax and Assessment Tax arrears.
  11. Validate status of Taxable holdings in Official Search from public and private agencies and the public.
  12. Responsible for registering the latest taxable holdings through revisions to the various Agencies related and updating within the computerized system.
  13. Verifying the Nomination of Parks and Premises Plans proposed by the Planning Department as well as produce letter Support Certificate of Eligibility.
  14. Coordinate and take action on assessment tax complaints, application for assessment tax exemption and application for assessment tax payments in installments.
  15. Saving slowly shows the boundaries of the gazetted Council area.
  16. Provide a statement in the Government Gazette to exercise the powers conferred under Section 127 of the Local Government Act 1976.
  17. Updates the current valuation records or 'tone of the list' through Re-evaluation done every five (5) years if the State Authority approves.