• Responsible for preparing the annual budget of the Council.
• Responsible for receiving and processing proceeds of the Council.
• Responsible preparing local orders / work orders for approved expenditure applications.
• Responsible for making payments for all expenses of the Council.
• Responsible for maintaining the records of capital assets and the inventory of the Council.
• Responsible for being a secretariat of quotation and tender procurement.
• Responsible for preparing the financial statement / Council's financial report.
• Responsible for providing financial information/ accounts for audit warning.
• Responsible make investment over excess outcome Council.
• Responsible managerental of Council premises.

Charter Customer

Our commitment for providing financial management services with intimate,efficient, effective to our customers as follows: -


Objective Quality Target / Period
1. Providing intimate, efficient and quality counter services. Two (2) minutes per transaction
2. Preparation of Budget Proposal before or on the appointed date. Subject to the letter of the Secretary of State(Local government) (SUK (KT)) received
3. Prepare the Annual Financial Statement of the Council. By the end of March next year.
4. Ensure Payment Claims are carried out upon receipt of complete documents.

Not later than one (1) working day

5. Providing and surrendering Local Orders or Indent Works works upon receipt of complete application. Not later than three (3) working day
6. All vehicle loan applications and computer loans are issued upon receipt of complete application. Ten (10) Working Days
7. The process of removing movable assets Following Requiremenets


    Tel umum: 056898923/24
    Fax umum: 056882102
    Address : Jabatan Perbendaharaan, Majlis Perbandaran Manjung, Jalan Pinang Raja, 32040 Seri Manjung
    Emel umum:
    Officer : Razali Bin Mat Nayan