• Section Sports created is aimed to actively promote the sports field of Manjung, besides helping to promote the Manjung area as one of the sports facilities in Perak.


  • Section Sports & Infrastructure Management, Community and Social Development Department is headed by a section chief, Assistant Administrative Officer (N 27) and two permanent N17 Administrative Assistants. This section has been broken into two main scopes;


  1. Sports Management and Development
  2. Infrastructure Management (reservation / rental)




  • Strive to uphold the sport in the Manjung district with a range of sports activities that can attract local communities and all parties to be active in sports and recreation programs in the Manjung district.




  • Provide the best service to all Manjung district residents who use sports facilities and services and recreation property Manjung Municipal Council.


  • Ensure feedback on the rental application / use of Council Hall / Sports Complex / Public Amenities is issued within 3 working days from the date of application.









  1. Plan, manage, implement and supervise and promote sports activities or programs in Manjung district.


  1. Managing and establishing partnerships and smart partnerships with various parties in implementing sporting events thus establishing a network of information that remains in tune with regulated joint programs.


  1. Act in bringing the direction of the division as a section that provides information related to sports programs in the Manjung district and is ready to assist each organizer in the process of providing information.


  1. Managing and implementing efforts to extend sports activities to the public and the public, thereby stimulating, promoting and promoting the Manjung district at the international level to place this area one of the best known sports centers.


  1. Plan, manage, implement and supervise the facilities of the Council Hall, Sports Complex and Public Facilities of the Manjung Municipal Council and increase the level of sports equipment or stadium booking services to satisfy the inner and outer community.


  1. Strive to attract more communities to come to this district through sports activities and focus on the direct participation of local people in the activity.


  1. Coordinate and take part in any sports or promotion activities relating to the sportsmanship conducted by any Government Department, agency and private bodies.


  1. It is advisable to give MPM a recommendation on the ways, measures and programs to be implemented to facilitate and intensify this sporting activity.



  1. Working on plans to further enhance the development prospects of sports facilities owned by the Manjung Municipal Council include the existing development and new development for the convenience of municipalities.


  1. Manage and supervise management pengurusan cleanliness and maintenance of Manjung Municipal Council's sports facilities area.


  1. Plan and manage efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle and recreational and recreational activities among Manjung municipalities.


  • Responsible for coordinating and managing sporting events and involvement of teams for Manjung Municipal Council sports events.


  1. Responsible for promoting sports facilities owned by the Manjung Municipal Council through social media channels, brochures and publications.


  • Conduct regular monitoring of sports facilities while conducting audits on use for maintenance purposes.


Responsible for establishing bilateral cooperation with all sports associations in Manjung district, state level as well as associative level.

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