• Section Tourism, Community and Social Development Department established on June 2004 and Leader by Chief section,that is Assistant Tourism Officer (E 27) as well as an Administrative Assistant. Now, Chief Section Tourism under the warrant of Assistant Administrative Officer (N27)


  • This Sectioncreated after the restructuring of the departments at Manjung Municipal Council, is aimed to be active in upholding the regional tourism industry while improving the image and quality of the city as well as helping promote the Manjung District as one of Malaysia's most famous tourism centers.




  • Become a Section that leads the development and management of Manjung district tourism as an international tourist destination.




  • Moving Manjung tourism development efforts has been highly impacted on communities, districts, states and countries through effective management and development.




  • Ensuring Manjung is the center of tourism development based on the concept of 'eco-tourism, agro-tourism, sport-tourism, history and heritage as well as culture as the main tourist destination in Perak.
  • Menganjurkan pelbagai acara pelancongan dan kebudayaan melalui usaha kerjasama melibatkan semua pihak di peringkat daerah, negeri, kebangsaan atau antarabangsa.


  1. Striving to enhance the identity and image of Manjung District in the context of preservation and conservation of existing tourism assets is therefore responsible in giving an idea of the image's image stability as a maritime city and tourism in terms of physical development of tourism products.
  2. Responsible for managing, coordinating and conducting tourism and cultural events organized by the Council, or organizing events involving the Council by collaborating with other government agencies/departments or private parties.
  3. Prepare paperwork related to tourism & cultural activities and programs and the handling of such programs.
  4. Planning, managing and expanding the tourism and cultural activities of the Manjung district include the involvement of all sectors.
  5. Attract events organized by private parties to be held in Manjung district


  1. Plan, manage and implement Manjung district tourism promotion products through all medium media while conducting tourism promotion activities in expositions and programs organized by the Council, State Government and the relevant parties.


  1. Plan, manage, coordinate and supervise MPMtv and MPM Radio.


  1. Planning the process of collecting and providing information related to tourism components such as;
    1. History.
    2. Information accommodation facilities.
    3. Information transportation facilities.
    4. Information popular restaurants.
    5. Information center / travel products etc.


  1. Provide publishing materials and information related to tourism such as flyers, Magazines, Bulletin and Travel info and travel books.
  2. Conducting a research on the development of a product of a new product or product, and conducting collaborative research with all parties or institutions to assist in the dissemination of information to research groups and students.
  3. Planning, managing and managing trips and smoothies at the Lumut Travelers Integration Center and Pangkor Island Tourist Services Center, Panorama Gallery and Pangkor Gallery include the following aspects: -
  4. Work Schedule members ;
  5. Check phone usage record ;
  6. Statistics of visitor attendance and tourist statistics;
  7. Stocks of tourist brochures in the tourist services center are adequate for the needs of tourists.


  • Provide and disseminate, including updating information related to tourism and cultural programs as well as appropriate articles on Manjung Municipal Council and


  1. Implement a Strategic Tourism Plan in line with the Strategic Plan of the Manjung Municipal Council.


  • Responsible for establishing bilateral cooperation with all Manjung district tourism industry players.


  • Conducting product audits on all Manjung district tourism products under the supervision of the Manjung Municipal Council and other government agencies.


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