1. Planning, managing, coordinating and supervising the Community Division covers aspects of social programs, racial integration, education and related programs.
  2. Conduct management of community involvement, community outreach and community session or feedback from residents through the Town Hall program, dialogue sessions, Councilmember meetings and programs related to the reception of voices and views of residents to the Manjung Municipal Council.
  3. Planning, managing, coordinating, implementing and overseeing the program of the Council Members as the Chairman of the Coordinating Committee of Residents involving 24 zones comprising meeting sessions and discussing community issues and problems in the zone.
  4. Plan, manage, coordinate, execute and supervise the prospect of an area relations officer within 24 predetermined zones.
  5. Supervise community committee activities involving Rukun Tetangga Area (KRT), Village Development & Security Committee (JKKK) and community associations in Manjung district.
  6. Plan and implement incentives or allocate to communities for the purpose of local needs in terms of physical or financial incentives based on the existing capabilities and needs of the Manjung Municipal Council.
  7. Plan, manage, coordinate, implement and supervise neighborhood centers regulated by the Department and local communities in addition to the success of programs in these centers.
  8. To plan, manage, coordinate, implement and oversee Safe City programs through a collaborative approach with the Solidarity Department (SRS Voluntary Patrolling Scheme) or related and successful through the Manjung Municipal Council program (Together with the Dissociation Community of BESKAL Social Issues and Problems).
  9. Operate or collaborate with all stakeholders on all Council official programs, district, state and federal level programs.
  10. Responsible in assisting in managing social activities for residents and members of the Council such as social programs, unity and the like to bridge and foster the People's intimate atmosphere in the municipalities.
  11. Management of the library and updating the library well and orderly.
  • Plan, manage, coordinate, implement and supervise the Community Garden / Garden Partner program in the neighborhood.
  1. Establish partnerships and smart partnerships with various parties including Government Agencies (including Local Authority Local Authorities), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), private parties in implementing social programs and establishing a network of information that remains in line with regulated joint programs.
  • Plan, manage, coordinate and oversee the scope of disaster management in Manjung municipalities.
  • Giving and Spreading, including updating information related to Manjung Municipal Council such as community program information, general information department, policy related information, advice and appropriate articles on Manjung Municipal Council and


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