1. MOTTO



  • Implementing management and services is closely related to the development of tourism, cultural activities, sports and community.
  • Become a friendly facilitator among municipalities and departments in the Manjung Municipal Council in managing, organizing, coordinating and conducting tourism, cultural, sport and community activities and programs to Manjung municipalities.
  • Ensure feedback on the rental application / use of Council Hall / Sports Complex / Public Amenities is issued within 3 working days from the date of application.




  1. Plan, manage, coordinate, implement and supervise the Social, Tourism & Cultural Division and Sport Division as a whole.
  2. Acting as a friendly facilitator among the municipalities and departments of the Manjung Municipal Council in organizing, coordinating and providing community activities and programs to the local community.
  3. Act as a post that serves as a communication channel and main information of the population as well as the dissemination of information between the two parties, the Manjung Municipal Council and the municipalities.
  4. It functions as the Department responsible for implementing government policies such as the Country Key Result Areas (National Key Result Area NKRA), (Northern Corridor Economic Region NCER) and (National Blue Ocean Strategy NBOS).
  5. Responsible for implementing the Department's Strategic Plan as well as the Local Authorities Transformation Plan for matters relating to community affairs and community involvement.
  6. Coordinate Council Member as Chairman of the Coordinating Committee of Residents, Area Officer and Liason Officer through management and conduct dialogue or meeting with local leaders such as Rukun Tetangga Area (CRT), public, town hall meeting sessions or appropriate meeting methods and disasters.
  7. Responsible for the planning, management and implementation of the Civil Society Council, the Manjung Municipal Council in particular involves relevant activities and programs.
  8. Manage and regulate the travel of Manjung Municipal Council Library & Gallery.
  9. Responsible in coordinating and conducting tourism, culture and sports programs and events involving the organization of the Council or the implementation through cooperating with agencies / departments of government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private parties.
  10. Manage Pangkor Island Information Center, Lumut Tourism Integration Center as the center for coordination and service operations for tourists, investors, students and municipalities.
  11. Responsible for implementing the rental / use of Council Hall, Sports and Public Facilities Complex of Manjung Municipal Council.
  12. Coordinate Clean and Beautiful program in Manjung District with Department of Public Health & Municipal Services.
  13. Plan, manage, implement and oversee the Local Agenda 21 (LA21) Program of the Manjung Municipal Council.
  14. Responsible for the implementation of the Urban Poverty Eradication Program (PPKB) management under the Ministry and the State Government.
  15. To plan, manage, coordinate and implement international links that include networking / linkages with international organizations / foreign cities or stakeholders in the effort of generating collaborative relationships.
  16. Plan, manage and implement initiatives to help improve the living standards of urban poor in urban areas through initiatives such as creating job opportunities with companies who are keen to offer, business space and daily necessities.
  17. Responsible for continuing close cooperation between the Manjung Municipal Council with the public and private sectors, NGOs in formulating and implementing municipal social management.
  18. Plan, manage, implement and supervise efforts to improve the standard of living of the youth and also group orang kurang upaya (OKU) through prospects such as business opportunities at Council's premises and economic growth opportunities.
  19. Implemented the effort to appreciate Manjung's municipalities through its appreciation and appreciation program to the community and all involved agencies.
  20. Acting as a department to be a disaster management coordinator of the Manjung Municipal Council.
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