• In line with the changemunicipal status in 2001, then organizational structure changes should also be enhanced especially to ensure the services and development brought by the council meet the Manjung municipal requirements itself. Therefore, the Department of Community Development was established on June 1, 2003 whereby the department has taken over the Public Relations Unit in the Secretariat Department and also expanded the functions of tourism, culture, sport and society.
  • The Department of Community Development was established on 1 April 2003 through a special decision of the Council's Management Meeting and became one of the ten departments within the organization structure of the Manjung Municipal Council. The Department of Community Development consists of 3 main sections, namely the Public Relations Division, the Tourism and Research Division, and the Sports and Cultural Division.
  • At the end of 2004, increased functions and responsibilities, where community programs focusing primarily on urban poverty issues need to be emphasized. Accordingly, the change of name to Community and Social Development Department as well as the restructuring of this department was submitted by the Manjung Municipal Council Secretary in the consolidation meeting of bil 6 management, dated 14 December 2004 and agreed upon with its implementation.
  • In 2006, the Tourism Division was removed from this Department and formed to the Tourism Unit headed by a unit leader of the E27 grade who reported directly to the Secretary of the Manjung Municipal Council.
  • On September 1, 2015, the Department was restructured in line with the requirements and approval of the Manjung Municipal Council's warrant of warrants where the Public Relations Division was made into one unit and the Tourism Unit was re-entered under the structure of the Department. Now, the Community & Social Development Department comprises 3 main sections, namely, Tourism and Culture Division, Community Division and Sports & Infrastructure Management Division.



        Create a Manjung Municipal Society that is sensitive to the local environment by practicing pure         values, disciplines, knowledge, cultures, unity and community of people for the sake of prosperity and     prosperity in the Manjung District as well as ensuring the image of the tourism and maritime cities are     always at the heart of all.



Implementing management and services is closely related to the development of tourism, cultural activities, sports and community development to Manjung township residents.