• The oval shape represents the spiritual and physical strength as well as ongoing efforts to create a dynamic local environment.
  • Paddy flower represent loyalty to state of Perak Darul Ridzuan.
  • Blue stripes symbolise Manjung Municipality as producer of electricity.
  • Electronic circuit sign symbolizes the development of MMC in line with development of ICT.
  • Industrial and port structures show Manjung area as a district which prepares industrial / shipping infrastructure in Perak specifically and Malaysia in general.
  • The yacht and wave symbol shows MMC's commitment to development of tourism / maritime industries.
  • Jawi / arabic letters represent MMC's commitment to give prestige to religious, national/racial and cultural values.
  • Cursive writing of Manjung Municipal Council depicts the willingness and preparation of MMC to spearhead and guide Manjung citizens toward development in all aspects.
  • The epistle "MAJU PROGRESIF MAKMUR" writings at the bottom of the logo represent formal proclamations MMC. It is the MMC's foremost aim to ensure every municipal and working citizen are always developing, progressive and living in prosperous environments.