Withholding Tax Displace​

For the property that hasn't been changed, 3 months of duration is given for exchange. However, for the property that involved the deceased individuals, the duration for one year. Failure to do so within that duration will be lead to imposition of compound.

ATTENTION: Each exchange of owner need to make a transfer 

Do I need to make a transfer? 
According to the Section 160 of Local Government Act 1976 ( Act 171 ) 160, when a proportional holdings in any local authority area is sold or transferred, the buyer or recipient need to make a transfer within 3 months after sales or transfer, the notice shall be given to the local authority in Form I or Form J (cause of death).

Where should I get the Form I or Form J?

Form I or Form J is available at the assessment tax review counter in the office of Manjung Municipal Council.

Is there any charge for transfer process?

Each transfer process will be charged for RM20.00 . 

What are the documents needed for make a transfer?

Required documents :-


i. Transfer Application Form.
ii.Copy of latest title grant, sale and purchase agreement or Form 14A with payment receipt at the Land & Mineral Office.
iii.Copy of latest assessment tax.
iv.Copy of identity card for new owner.
v. A stamped landlord confirmation letter with a copy of identity card for the rented land from landlord.
vi.Payment process RM 20.00.

The affair of withholding transfer can be made at the 1st floor of review counter, Valuation Department, Manjung Municipal Council. 

The name of new buyer or owner will be billed or processed within 14 days via a letter or short message (SMS for existing includes the phone number)