Assessment Tax Objections

According to the Local Government Act, 1976 (Act 171) section 142 taxable property owners are allowed to object to the tax imposed.
Objections can be made if one is aggrieved for any of the following reasons

  1. That any hold on which he is chargeable is rated more than the rate imposed.
  2. That a valued hold is non-chargeable.
  3. That a person or any of the proper holdings included in the Valuation List is abandoned therefrom.
  4. That any holdings are valued less than their value may or may not
  5. That any holdings or holdings assessed jointly or separately should otherwise be assessed.

Any objection should be made in writing within 10 days before the date of amending the list of enforceable valuations. The objectionable object may be addressed to the Evaluation Department, Manjung Municipal Council Office, Jalan Pinang Raja, 32040 Sri Manjung or submit the letter to the Assessment Department revision counter, level 1 , Manjung Municipal Council.