Reserve Parking Bay/Lot Rental/Hire

The Parking Unit of Manjung Municipal Council also arranges reserve parking bays/lots for rent/hire and the purchase of monthly passes. This will make it easier and more convenient for customers to park vehicles at any given time.

Rental Bay/Lot

The renter/hirer who wishes to rent a parking bay/lot, must obey the guidelines including:

  • The applied bay/lot must be located in front of renter’s shop or premise and will not block traffic.
  • The applied bay/lot should not be a main traffic area such as shopping complexes and centres as the public will be prevented from park their vehicles.

How to Rent/hire


  • Applicant must personally come to the office to collect and complete the form.
  • Each completed form must be submitted to the office for approval.
  • The forms will be evaluated and must be approved by the Yang DiPertua.
  • Once approved, the applicant will received an offer letter and will be required to make payment within 14 days after the letter was issued.

Approved Rental/hired Bay/Lot


  • Accessories shops and car service centres
  • Used-car centre
  • Eligible business premises

Nevertheless, approval will depend on the condition/location of the area and the bay/lot applied.

Rental Rate

Rental rate for reserve parking bay/lot is divided into two:

  • For a period of  6 months, the cost is RM 360
  • For a period of 1 year, the cost is RM 720

Renter Responsibilities


  • Must care for the signboard during rental period.
  • Must not set up shop on the reserved lot/bay.

Renter must not rent out the parking lot/bay to other individuals.