Multilevel Parking Area (MTLKB) in Lumut is located at the middle of Lumut town that is growing and developing rapidly under the management of MPM. MTLKB is built for the benefits of the users and both local and foreign tourists, to cope with the limited parking spaces in Lumut town due to the influx of tourists especially during the festive seasons. Its location which is near to the jetty means that tourists d not have to walk far to the jetty.

TLKB has 4 levels where it can fit in 900 vehicles at any one time.

Direction to Parking Area

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Main entrance to the Parking Area

Parking Area Sign Board







Monday – Sunday and Public Holiday

First 1 hour & hour following

0.60 cent

1 Day (24 Hours) RM 14.40

PLEASE NOTE: Payment on Multilevel Parking Area services will be charged GST began April 1, 2015.


1. Monthly Passes
MPM provides SEASONPASS” facility to users who are interested especially those working at Pangkor Island.
Monthly Pass will be charged an initial deposit of RM 50 and RM 70 for each month.

2. 24 Hours CCTV Monitoring
CCTV facility that monitors the parking area surrounding to avoid car theft.

Security measures:

a) 24 Hour Security Guard
Parking attendant is stationed at the TLKB to monitor each vehicle that enters and exits the parking area as well as doing the rounds every one hour.
b) Fully functioning Fire Alarm System.
c) Covered parking area that protects the vehicles from the sun that can cause damage.

Guaranteed Comfort
Amongst others:-
a) Clean and comfortable toilet facilities
b) Food stalls at the multilevel parking area that allow the users and tourists to enjoy the food and Lumut scenery at the same time.
c) “JUMPER” is also provided.

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