Customer Friendly Counter Service

Facilities for the Convenience of Manjung Municipal Council Customers are:

1.    Large and comfortable waiting area with enough counters.

- Customer friendly interior design. Unique and attractive.

- Consist of fifteen (15) counters, that is:

  • 1 customer service counter.
  • 7 payment counter (including 1 special counter).
  • 1 licence verification/inspection.
  • 1 compound counter.
  • 3 miscellaneous verification/inspection.
  • 1 council member on duty.
  • 1 counter for the Floor Manager .

The creation of these fifteen (15) counters is to meet the public demand especially during peak hours.


2. Special Counter (Counter 1)

-To provide services to





- Customers need not queue for turns to deal with Manjung Municipal Council.

- The counter will be use by other customers in the absence of the above cases.


3.    Operation during lunch break
 - Open for operation during lunch hours from 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm
 - Normal operation hours are from;

  • 8.00 am – 4.30 pm (Monday – Thursday)
  • 8.00 am – 12.15 pm (Friday)
  • 2.00 am – 4.30 pm (Friday)

4.    Additional counters during peak hours
 - Implemented from January – February and July – August.
 - Four (4) additional payment counters will be open compared to three (3) payment counters during normal period.

5.     The use of Virtual Queue System (VQS)


Waiting and dealing period is pre-determined – if the waiting period exceed the limit, an alarm will inform the floor manager by way of the main computer where the floor manager will direct his staff to attend the matter promptly.

i)   Waiting period and customers dealing period is on displayed at every counter.

ii)  Customers need only obtain one number for checking and payment matters.

iii) VOS Screen is also displayed in the cafeteria to enable customers to eat or rest while waiting.

 6.    Floor Manager System

  • To ensure smooth and friendly counter operation
  • Any problems will be promptly attended
  • A space where the public can directly complaint to the floor manager
  • To constantly observe virqueue screen and take immediate action to any problem at the counter.

7.    Customers Communication Services at the Counter

  • Customers feedback through

       - Floor Manager
       - Customer Evaluation Form
       - Suggestion Form
       - Public Complaint Form
       - Suggestion Box

  • Reading/Reference Materials such as :

       - Manjung Municipal Council Info
       - Department Brochures
       - Newspaper


  • Internet Surfing Facilities

      - E – Complaint Form
      - Forms Download
      - Online Payment at Kiosks

8.    Electronic Payment

  • Credit or Debit Card payment at the counter
  • Council bills can be paid by way of electronic banking such as :, and

9.    Basic Facilities for Customers

  • To ensure convenience for the public such as clear signage, ample parking space, and large cafeteria located nearby.
  • To safeguard the interest of the disable/handicapped persons, special disable parking space is also available.
  • Public lavatories including for the disable is conveniently located near the counter.