Notice Claim of E & F Implementation​

The total of assessment tax that need to pay for the first half year shall be paid before 28th FEBRUARY and for the second half year shall be paid before 31st AUGUST of the year. (Part XV, S 147 (i) of Act 171).

If any amount or any part such as (1) still owed and unpaid until the end of February or until the end of August in each year as the case, the amount shall be deemed as an arrears and may be claimed together with the fixed notice payment. (Part XV, S 147 (i) of Act 171).


Notice Payment Rate (Form E) is as following ;

Arrears Amount

Notice Payment

(a) The arrears amount less than RM 200


(b)The arrears amount more than RM200

RM 30.00

To demand an arrears, the council may be release a warrant of detention (cost of detention will be funded by the property owner) and may be preceive according to the warrant of any property belonging to the owner or residents who are liable to pay. (Part XV, S 147 (i) of Act 171). 

Cost of detention (Form F) is as following ;

Arrears Amount

Cost of Detention

(a) The arrears amount less than RM 1000

RM 150.00

(b) The arrears amount more than RM 1000

RM 300.00

Office collection time is as following:

Monday – Thursday                  :         8.15 am - 4.15 pm
Friday                                      :         8.15 am - 12.15 pm
                                                          2.00 pm - 4.15 pm

The property owner is required to inform the evaluation department on above the change of mailing address to facilitate the delivery of bills and avoid the arrears. Address Change Form are available at the Evaluation Department and Main Review Counter, Manjung Municipal Council.

If Mr / Mrs do not receive the original bill, please deal directly to the main review counter or Division of Evaluation Department, Manjung Municipal Council to take the copy of bill for the payment of assessment tax.