Landscape Plan Approval

The documents / plans that need to be submit for application:  
3 landscape plan
1 linen paper (colored)
2 plain paper (colored)
The other requirements that need to be comply 
  • The plans folded in the size of A4
  • The plans are colored according to the Landscape Plan Color of trees and grasses
  • Provide the empty space in the upper corner of each plan for 5cm x 8cm to stamped the approval of council
  • The title of project proposal should be recorded the use / type of buildings, number of building units, number of building levels, house buildings, No.Lot, Pt No.Section, postal code, city, state and the name of building owner. 
  • Each certified / stamped by qualified people for who submit the plan 
  • All plans need to be signed by qualified people, building owner / landowner and name, position, cop, full address and telephone number that can be contacted.
  • Must ensure that the landscape application need to be inserted in the plan.
  • Provide a planting table that showing the name of scientific trees, local, size of trees and the number of trees planted.