Introduction Vandalism

      The word vandalism comes from the name of a tribe in Europe, which is the vandal that has destroyed Rome in 445 AD.

    The definition of vandalism is to make any change such as painting, marking, repainting, patching, damaging or treating public property without the permission of the authorities.

     People who commit vandalism in the power of the MPM administration may be charged under the Vandalism (Mdm) By-Laws 1992 (Act 171). Under such law, upon conviction, a perpetrator of vandalism will be fined not more than RM 1000 or imprisonment not exceeding 6 months or both. While for continuous offense, the perpetrator will be fined not more than RM 100 for each day the offense is committed.

    To reduce the spread of vandalism symptoms, the MPM has implemented several steps such as the Public Utilities Exhibition and Vandalism 2006 from June 1 to June 30 at the MPM lobby and the Presentation of Facilities Maintenance Briefing to trainees of the National Service Training Program (PLKN) through PLKN Community Service Program held in February, March, May and August 2006.

    Every year the Manjung Municipal Council installs a children's playground for the convenience of the community for the Manjung District. Initially the Manjung Municipal Council installed a children's playground equipment in a residential area where there were 350 open spaces excluding the new housing scheme.

    However, high rates of damage occur due to the vandals and attitudes of some people who are not aware of the facilities provided that new equipment is damaged and can not be used. This caused high maintenance costs to be incurred by Manjung Municipal Council to improve damaged gaming equipment. Beginning in 2003 children's play equipment are only installed in the main focus areas as below:

a.   Lumut Water Front Public Park
b.   Astaka field
c.    Mini Sports Complex Manjung Municipal Council
    The Manjung Municipal Council requested the Manjung community to equip both children's play equipment and are welcome to report if there are irresponsible groups of people damaging the game equipment provided.