Enforcement of the Dog Licensing By-Laws (Manjung Municipal Council) 1993


  • All dogs who have attained the age of three months must be licensed under the Dog Licensing By-Law (MPM) 1993.
  • Each application must be accompanied by a fee for a Ten Ringgit (RM10.00) license for a dog.
  • The license shall expire on the 31st December of the year the license is issued
  • The licensed dog owner shall suspend the license plate on the neck of his dog.
  • Dog owners should -
  1. If the dog is sick, take steps as soon as possible to enable the dog to be examined and treated by a veterinary doctor and not to let the dog be kept in his premises unless the dog has been examined and under the veterinary doctor's treatment;
  2. Maintain a dog house where the dog is placed in a clean and clean state;
  3. Remove from the premises any stool material released by the dog, and do so in accordance with or in any way impossible to cause irritation or distress to others;
  4. Take reasonable steps to ensure that the dog, not being an interruption to his neighbors, is caused by unremitting or otherwise; and
  5. Take reasonable steps to ensure that the dog does not wander outside the premises of the owner's premises and that the dog is tied to a rope when taken out of the owner's premises.
  • Dog can't be stored on the top floor of any building.
  • Dogs running outside the premises without the owner (whether wearing a license plate or not) are entitled to be arrested and destroyed.