Collision Building Report​

Case Holdings Collapsed / Burn / Not Eligible To Stay

What to do if my property / stake collapsed?
When Property/ Holdings proportional you collapse/ burn / not eligible to stay caused factor natural disaster, human act, animals, rot and so on, you need to inform kepada kepada Council by letter with immediate effect.

What is the Council's action after receiving a collapsed or not eligible to stay report?
Department Valuation will make confirmation of validity of truth report by making visit chect it out. Next Assistant Valuation zone which involved will complete fill up report form holdongs collapsed with picture as evidence that the holdings do not exist anymore. If true the holding has collapsed it will be presented at the meeting for approval to be written off.

For case building which not eligible to stay Jabatan Bangunan will produce report confirm that assests/ holdings that is not safe for stay more. After approved by assessment tax meeting will canceled from list of valuations and exchange to empty lot value.

What are the things to bring when submitting a report?
Things to bring together to report home collapse: -
1.Application Letter
2.Latest Assessment tax receipt
3.Plan location of  home collapse involved
4.Base Picture of home
5.Last electric bill & water bill (if any)
6.Fire / Police Report (If burned)