Application for Vacancy Allowance

If the house can not be rented out:

Do I have to explain the assessment tax even if the house is unoccupied?

Although the house is uninhabited or empty, the owner is obliged to pay the assessment tax but may apply for a vacancy allowance.

How to apply for vacancy allowance?

The owner must submit an application letter to the Manjung Municipal Council.

All holders within the function area of the council are liable to tax although the holdings are vacant, non-rented or uninhabitable.Therefore, the holders may apply for vacancy allowance. This section is contained in section 162 of the Local Government Act 1976 (ACT 171) the conditions set by the Council.

Application can be made by writing a letter or filling out an application for vacancy allowance at the Valuation Department revision counters, level 1, Manjung Municipal Council. The applicant is required to comply with the following within the application period:

  1. The applicant must complete the Vacancy Allowance Form within 7 days to return to the Valuation Department
  2. The holding should be empty for more than 30 days
  3. The handle is in good condition and feasible to occupy
  4. There is a display of vacancy advertisements on the applied hold along with the phone number
  5. Place a reasonable rental rate if the building is intended to be rented
  6. Have paid all assessed taxes either current or outstanding holdings applied

Application for vacancy allowance will be sent by mail or short message (SMS), within a month after the application term ends. 


Vacancy allowance can not be considered a week earlier than this date Completed and returned to President, Manjung Municipal Council. Use one form for one property. Additional forms can be obtained from the Manjung Municipal Council. Claims must be made for half a year no later than one month after this year.


The claim form 'B' must be returned no later than one month after the expiration of half a year. Otherwise, the vacancy allowance / refund money will be canceled.