1. Clarify Current Assessment tax of RM 10,000 or more (by bill before 28th of February every year).
  2. Qualification is for period from 1st January of the current year until 31st January of the following year and the next year's qualification shall be subject to whether the member has fully paid the Assessment Tax bill fully claimed.
  3. Assessment tax payable is for holdings located within the administrative area of Manjung Municipal Council only.
  4. Cards are provided free of charge subject to the eligibility requirements provided.
  5. The card is non-transferable and the Manjung Municipal Council may request for other documents to be verified including identification, driver's license or credit card.
  6. In the event of a loss of card or damaged card, the cardholder shall notify the Manjung Municipal Council within 24 hours of the loss.
  7. The cardholder is required to contact the Manjung Municipal Council if there is any information pertaining to the grant and use of this card.
  8. The granting of this card does not bind the cardholder and the Manjung Municipal Council in any contract and does not mean to establish any agent and principal relationship between the two parties.
  9. The Manjung Municipal Council reserves the right to vary, amend and modify all policies, terms and conditions as it thinks from time to time.
  10. All changes or amendments will be notified to members in writing or via short message service.
  11. In the event of any breach of the terms and misuse of the card, the Majlis shall be entitled to recall this card.
  12. Members are required to present the Privileges Card every time to deal with the privilege of being a card holder.
  13. Nominee as agent / agent on behalf of company listed company.