Assessment Tax

Briefly, holdings means the property of the existing land or no building on it. Refers to the definition "annual value" in section 2 (Interpretation) under the Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171):
Annual Value means the reasonable of gross estimation of annual rental rates is expected to be obtained from year to year rather than as applicable if leased out, with the landlord paying the expenses for repairs, insurance, maintenance or preservation with all rates and public taxes:

Under this assessment there is also a condition say that the empty land is subject to assessment tax under conditions (c) ii the empty land is not occupied or no any building on hte land is subject to assessment tax that according to the calculation of annual value as below.

Provided that conditions
(a) on the estimating annual value there is no arrangement can be taken on any restrictions or control over rent so far as any restrictions or the cntrol limits the rental that may be required by a landlord or claimed from someone is really holdings :
(b) on the expense of annual value of a holdings existing on or on it any machinery that used for any or all of the following purposes:-
i.  make anything or a part from something.
ii. change, repair, decorate or prepare anything.
iii.adjusting anything of sales.
(c) on which - land
i.which is partly occupied or partly of any building on it;
ii.which is empty, not occupied or there is no any building on it.
iii.on which building has been certified by the local authorities authority as abandoned or bad or not deserved for human habitation. 

Annual valuation, regarding small paragraph (i) is whether an annual valuation as defined herein before or ten percent from its value in open market according to the absolute discretion of appraisal officer and regarding the small paragraphs (ii), (iii) and (iv), annual valuation is ten percent from the values in open market as if , small paragraphs (iii) and (iv), the empty land without any building on it and in all case of local authorities may, with the approval of State Authority, reducing the percentages to a minimum of five percent.

(d) if applicable with certain holdings, the appraisal officer argued that there is not enough evidence to enable an evaluation to be made on the evicende of annual value then appraisal officer may use any ways of valuation on which opinion is suitable for specified the annual value.