Definition of temporary advertisement - All forms of display/visual for the purpose of information dissemination either for commercial or notification reasons which are installed for a certain period of time.

Types of temporary advertisements :-

  1. Banner ('banner")
  2. Bunting ('strimmner")
  3. Air baloon

All temporary advertisements must obtain the approval of the Manjung Municipal Council as follows :-

1. Commercial – involving business activities or the elements of profit such as entrance ticket/registration collection for applications from traders, private agencies, government, NGO, political parties and others.

2. Non-commercial –Programmes Opening Ceremonies, Companies Opening Ceremonies, Greetings for festivals such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Deepavali, Christmas and others. Applications from traders and private agencies are charged as stipulated while applications from the government agencies, NGO and political parties are exempted from the charges although approval by the Council is still required and installations must only be made at the permitted areas.

Conditions for consideration and approval for the temporary advertisement licences :-

All application for banners/buntings must comply to the following conditions:-

1.     The form must be completed in 2 copies. The banner/bunting need not be brought during the application. Bring only a sample copy of the advertisement /advertisement visual to be installed.

2.   Draft plan showing the site where the bunting will be installed must be attached (not necessary for application of bunting installation on MPM metal structure)

3.    Only the 4'x20' bunting is permitted at the MPM metal structure as follows :

No. Location Unit
3.1  By the side of the Beruas Town Forest Office - Beruas 1
3.2  The Pantai Remis Junction by the side of the Clinic - Ayer Tawar 1
3.3  In front of the Sitiawan Branch Office - Sitiawan 2
3.4  By the side of the open area/Hindu temple - Taman Sitiawan Maju 1
3.5  In front of the Agro Market area - Seri Manjung 1
3.6  In front of MPM office - Seri Manjung * 1
3.7  Batu 1 Junction/ Bukit Maju - Lumut 1
3.8  Nearby the Teluk Muruh traffic light 2
3.9  By the side of the Pangkor Customs Office- Pangkor Island 1

 * Only for Government Department programmes.

4.   The installation of buntings are only permitted on the metal structure of MPM, licenced business premises and fences/buildings where the activities are conducted.

5.    The application for bunting installations will only be considered for installation at the following roads :

a)      Slip roads or roads in business area.

b)      Entrance roads and roads in residential area.

c)      Manjung Municipal Council's roads maintenance except Jalan Pinang Raja..

d)      Not roads which are maintained/reserves of the Public Works Department (JKR).

6.   The use of Bahasa Malaysia must be prioritised for all advertisements either on its own or with other languages. The font size for Bahasa Malaysia wordings must be bigger than that of other languages.

7.    Approvals will only be given for a period of 1 month for banners and and 1 month for buntings.. Should the applicant wish to extend the period of installation, it must be applied for.

8.    All banners/buntings must be brought down by the applicant after the period ends, failing which legal actions will be taken on the applicant.

9.   The Council will not be responsible for the installation or loss of banners/buntings installed which do not comply to the conditions and locations stipulated.

10.   Any risks of injury or others during the installation / removal of the banner/bunting are borne by the applicants themselves.

11.   Rate of charges :-    

Banner = RM 20.00 per unit for a period of 1 month.

Bunting = RM 15.00 per unit for a period of 1 month.

Air balloon    = RM30.00 for the first 10 cubic metre and RM3.00 for the subsequent 1cubic metre for a period of 1 month.

Effective as of 1 January 2009