Ensuring public interest is preserved through regulatory and enforcement actions based on the Writ of the Writ of Law enforced by the Manjung Municipal Council as well as education members so that the community is more responsible and respectful of the law.



  1. Carrying Enforcement Activities Pursuant to the Provisions of Powers Provided Under Local Government Act1976 (Akta 171), Road, Drainage And Building Act 1976 (Act 133) And By-Laws That Have Been Defined.
  2. Implement Enforcement Measures on Offense Offenses by Road Traffic (Parking Provision) (Manjung District Council) Order 2000.
  3. Ensure Every Business Form And Activity Has a Certified License.
  4. Ensuring There Is No Obstruction On The Five Premises Legs.
  5. Controlling Mounting Fabric, Banting, Banners, Banners, Streamers and Signs Without Permits.
  6. Processing Applications And Issuance of Dog License Under the Dog Licensing By-Law (Manjung District Council) Act 1993.
  7. Process Parking Coupons, Monthly / Annual Stickers And Special Parking Spaces.
  8. Accepting Collection / Payment For Compound Offer An Offense, Savings Cost, Dog License Application, Parking Coupon, Monthly / Annual Stickers And Special Parking Spaces.
  9. Receive Every Public Complaint And Investigate And Take Action Against The Complaint And Give Feedback To The Complainant On The Complaint.
  10. Issue First / Last Reminder Notice For Compound Offer A Unfailed Error Paying And Implementing Court Action Process For Unspoken Notice Notice.
  11. Provide Inventory List And Implement Disposal For Any Items That Have Been Separated by Enforcement Department
  12. Involved in Enforcement Activities With Federal and State Enforcement Agencies.



    Tel umum: 056898863/64 6881202
    Fax umum: 056882102
    Address : Jabatan Penguatkuasaan, Majlis Perbandaran Manjung, Jalan Pinang Raja, 32040 Seri Manjung
    Emel umum: Penguatkuasaan
    Officer : Mohd Zahrizan B Dinin

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