1. Hourly Coupon:

Coupon System

Nearly all parking areas under MPM's jurisdiction use the Coupon System. Users or members of the public are required to purchase hourly/daily coupons at the agents' stores appointed by MPM at their respective areas. This is for the convenience of the public.

The coupon is in the form of a book and priced at RM2 per unit that contains 5 pieces of coupons. Each coupon is 40 sen and is good within one hour.



Example of Hourly Coupon


2. Daily Coupon:

Sold and displayed daily on the vehicle at RM3.00 per day.

Example of Daily Coupon

3. Monthly Stickers:

The stickers should be used within one month and consists of two types which are normal stickers and special stickers. The normal sticker is priced at RM50 a piece and can be used in all areas of MPM's jurisdiction. Meanwhile the special sticker priced only at RM25 a piece and can only be used in Bandar Lumut. Besides that the use of this sticker is only limited to government servants working in Pangkor Island. The government employees have to seek confirmation from their Department Heads in order to apply for the sticker.

Time (Including public holidays)

Monday – Friday 8.00 am – 6.00 pm (in all areas)

Saturday & Sunday 8.00am – 6.00pm (in Lumut only)




The fines charged on users failing to display the coupon depend on the offences.


If the user does not display a valid coupon he will be fined RM10. If that fine is not paid within 14 days, the fine will increase to RM15 and if this fine is not paid within 28 days the fine will be increased to RM25. If failing to do so, the user will be charged in court.


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